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Dell reconnect internet problems after PC recovery

Last response: in Networking
December 2, 2009 11:20:38 PM

We've re-installed the xp from the disk provided with the dell desktop model 4700...but have no way to connect to the internet..have called frontiernet (sacramento ca) they sent a usb driver they said would fix..moved it from his laptop to the demensions PC and still no checking network connections we have "broadband" disconnected firewalled under network and nothing else...dont know what to do ....there were two discs with the dell and the second disc was for drivers...what he's ready to trash his computer and I cant seem to find the answer either...thanks
December 3, 2009 3:13:35 PM

are you trying to connection via ethernet (LAN connection) to modem or USB modem?

if your trying to connect via ethernet connection to a modem, then it sounds like you have no drivers installed, mind you you need to install the drivers for NIC (network interface card) not just put them on your computer, if you don't have the correct drivers try find them on the dell website on another computer, friends house or something, download them put them on a flash drive or CD then load it on to your computer(or the computer that has no NIC drivers), then install the drivers then try again.

If your trying to use a USB modem or something, do the same thing, download NIC drivers from website transfer over to the not working computer then install

If you can do this then you should be sorted.

Note: if you have the NIC drivers setup for your ethernet port under network connections you should see "Local Area Connection"