My screen turns black when I try to boot (no video signal input)

I installed new software and after running the program for like 10 sec, I recieved a blue screen and my computer crashed. So I turned off the power trying to boot it up again and nothing happens, my screen is black (no video input signal), cant restart using ctrl,alt,del. So its safe to say my keyboard isnt working either.

I've tried removing ram memory and switching ram slots, unplugged my harddrives, graphic card, basically all hardware. And I still cant get it to boot, I cant even acces BIOS.

The wierd thing is that I got it to work by wating 5 hours before I tried booting up again. Then I could acces BIOS all my hardware was working. But I did get a error message trying to boot windows "NTLDR is missing. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart" So I changed the boot seqence and problem solved, everything was working normal. I left my comp on for like 4 hours and when I got back my computer was froozen displaying the windows desktop. So I tried to restart and now Ive got the same black screen and have no idea what to do.

Im thinking my ram memorys are fried? but then again why would I get NTLDR error message?

Im using windows vista 64 bit

Any answer is much apperciated, thank you.
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  1. I think that NTLDR missing means it can not see any hard drive.
  2. NTLDR are system files for windows, but I dont get why I cant acces BIOS even if windows is busted?
  3. Wait overnight and if you get windows going again, use the windows "system restore" feature and go back to a point before you installed the new software. Problem solved.
  4. Could be a wild idea, but try resetting the CMOS:
  5. Its still not working after resetting BIOS :/
  6. this might be of importance, the computer is not making that "beep" sound its supposed to make right after boot.
  7. Right so I built another computer using some old spare parts, and I got it running just fine. But when I installed the same HD that I was using in my damaged computer, I got the same problem again. No signal, no beep. And it doesn't matter if I disconnect the HD again. It still wont boot.

    So I'm thinking the most probable cause is ; my HD must be infected with CIH or something. That's the only virus I know of that can wipe out BIOS. That would also explain why my computer crashed right after I installed and ran the new software I found on the internet.

    I'll let you know what happens, I'm gonna order a new BIOS ship this week.
  8. If you want to hear any beep codes, you need to connect a case speaker to the 4 pin speaker leads on the motherboard. They cost about $2 if you can find one. Some older cases have them wired to the case leads. On newer cases, they're a tiny speaker you plug into the board.
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