Help me to Partition 1TB HDD


I have 1TB Hard disk and i need to install Ubuntu and Windows 7, when i tried to install both i came to know that i cant have more than four Partition

1st i installed ubuntu with 2gb:swap and 40GB for /

2nd when i start installing windows7 i came to know that i can have only 1 drive that is "C" drive

So i came to know that only four primary volume can be created, So my doubt is how can i have multiple Partition ?


200GB for ubuntu /
2GB for Ubuntu SWAP

~200MB for system volume (i think so in windows)
100GB for "C" drive (Windows 7 installation)
200GB for Songs and Movies
200GB for Games
Rest - Misc
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  1. It is theoretically possible to make more than four partitions but it's not worth your time. You should install Windows first and then use the Ubuntu installer to repartition the drive for you - that is the easiest way and it should take up four partitions. If you really need a separate partition for songs/movies/games then you can install Ubuntu without a Swap partition (though you should make a swap file if you don't have a swap partition) and then have gparted add a 400GB partition after the installations.
  2. Is it possible to install Ubuntu without SWAP partition? if so how to create a SWAP file? im a noob in linux :)

    BTW your suggestion is good, i think it should solve my doubts... let me try it out...
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    I haven't installed ubuntu in a long time, but here's what I think you do. After you've installed windows and you're installing ubuntu, the installer will eventually ask you where you want to install it. You want to manually choose the partitions (as opposed to installing on the whole drive or installing side-by-side). You'll want to shrink the Windows partition and make a new partition formatted as "ext4 journaling file system" (or whichever ext has the highest number). Then in the "edit partition" menu there will be a box for "format partition" which should be checked and you want to set the "mount point" as /.

    The only thing that I'm not exactly sure about is whether the linux installer will let you shrink the Windows partition. If it won't, I do have a longer but fool-proof way. Use the linux live cd to try Ubuntu instead of installing it. Once you're in the Ubuntu desktop open gparted. (I don't remember exactly where it is but it shouldn't be hard to find in one of the menus.) From here you'll want to shrink the Windows partition to whatever size you want, create a new partition for Ubuntu formatted as "ext4 journaling file system," and then create a new partition for your movies/whatever formatted as "ntfs." After you've done this you can go through the Ubuntu installer and when you "choose the partition manually" you will just pick the Ubuntu partition. You'll still need to check "format partition" and you'll need to set the "mount point" as "/". Then continue through the installation as normal. It will warn you that there is no swap partition but just ignore the warnings.

    Adding a swap file is not difficult but it does require use of the terminal. I don't know which version you're using but here's a general tutorial:
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