Graphics Card HELP PLEASE

My fellow IT guys i am in need of some help! i need a new graphics card and i am completely stuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have decided that i will be playing my new setup for some gaming not heavy gaming but some

games such as

COD4 world at war 2
Left for dead 2 etc

Now i do not have the biggest budget i have £70

here is what i have looked at so far and the prices which i can get them for

HD3870 - £45
HD4730 - £60
HD4770 - £70
HD4850 - £70

and HD5750 £100

thanks in advance guys
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  1. Honestly I'd get a 5750 for the DX11 support for future games, lower power usage, and better performance.
  2. +1 to jay2tall. For £30 you can get a really good card with DX11.
  3. For the extra £30 you will get a card that will last you longer than the others in the list.
  4. You know what i think your right that seems to make the best sense, jay is there anything else that may be worth considering at that range £100?

    Guys thanks for this
  5. Not really the 5770 would be the next in line of DX11 cards. The performance increase is slight, maybe 4-10% depending on game. If you are planning on keeping the card for a while I think it is wise to get a DX11 card. Unfortunately, Nvidia does not currently have a DX11 card out.

    Just a reminder to take advantage of DX11 hardware and games you will need Windows7 or Windows Vista SP2 (with the video update, it's part of the windows updates that are installed once SP2 is installed).
  6. If you don't think your going to use Windows 7 for awhile get the 4850. No point in getting a dx11 card if you can't use dx11. Just my opinion though.
  7. If you don't care about DX11/Win 7, then you should definitely try to get a 4890 off eBay.
  8. MARSOC_Operator said:
    If you don't care about DX11/Win 7, then you should definitely try to get a 4890 off eBay.


    You don't need Win 7 for DX11. Read this:
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