Build 1.1

BUDGET RANGE: 1500-1700

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Programming, Gaming, video editing, internet.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: I have already purchased

PSU- AZZA Dynamo 850 850W. I know that this is a dark horse of the PSU standard, but I have been running it on my work computer for almost a month with no problems.

Case- Azza solano 1000- Awesome case

Monitors- x2 acer 23" monitors

HD- x2 640gb caviar black

Keyboard- logitec G11

GPU- ATI 5850 HD


CPU- i7 920

Maybe SLI

Okay, I am wondering about MOBO. I was first looking at the Asus p6t deluxe v2, but after comparing it to the standard P6T i am wondeirng if the extra cash is worth it. I do have Raid 0 planned for the future.

Also will i better just as well off getting Ram at 1333 or 1600. It seems like both of these boards will only see them at 1333 without over clocking.

Any input would be great.
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  1. If you're only including 2 cards in SLI/Crossfire (which at this point should be Crossfire, as ATI is killing nVidia), then either board would work. The only difference is the speed of the 3rd PCIe slot, and the deluxe has 2 extra SATA ports and 2 extra USB ports. I don't relaly think that's worth the extra cash.

    RAM should be 1333 mhz CL 7. This will run $100. There isn't a noticeable difference between 1333 vs. 1600 in most cases, so save a little money.
  2. ^ Agree, I would go with this RAM it is 1333 CL 7, I have it in two computers and it is great.
  3. Except the part where he needs triple channel 6gb kits ;)
  4. Erm, I guess I should have read the original post instead of just the last one ><
  5. Yeah...forgot that. These should still be available in triple channel kits though.
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone. I already have the RAM I wanted in mind, but I was having a hard time choosing between the 1333 or 1600 sets. Indeed, I will be getting the triple channel.
  7. Well, as said above 1600 gives very minimal performance and should only be used is it about the same price as 1333. But CL 9 1660 is not good. CL 7 or 8 1333 > CL 9 1600.
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