I need a HDD.

Hi there, I have heard about the recent HDD crisis and was wondering on what HDD to get?

I need to buy it from a store that is in Australia or ships to Australia and it needs to be under $150.

I don't need a lard HDD so 150GB is plenty for me and 320GB is good as well. I can get a 500GB HDD if I have to but it is overkill for how many games I play.

I want the fastest drive possible and my budget can stretch a little.

So the question is, what is the best HDD in terms of speed and basically just for loading games, I want the absolute fastest possible within my price range or so.

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  1. 40 views and no answer? I just want to know the fastest HDD out there under 500GB (or 500GB if there is no smaller version of the drive).

    Can anyone help me here, and remember the store has to ship to Australia or the store be in Australia (eBay is good as well).

  2. I don't know any place that ships to australia.... But my best bet would be what you just answered with yourself.. eBay!
  3. Yeah, but what is the best and fastest HDD?

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