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I wondered if anybody could help. I have a Lacie 1TB Network Drive (2x 500 Gb Drives), which over the last few days i have had issues viewing on my network. Today it does not appear at all.

I have removed both drives from the unit and placed them in a External HDD Dock.
Disk manager sees the drives, but they have not been assigned a drive latter, and there is no option to give them one...

The HDD's do not appear in My computer or in numerous Disk Recovery Programs.

There is data on the drives which i need to view and or copy off to another external source.

Can anyone suggest a fix

Drive Part No. - Samsung HD501LJ

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  1. Your drives appear to be configured as a striped RAID (RAID 0), in which case it is no surprise that Windows does not see them as individual volumes.

    You need to reconstruct the RAID using a utility such as DMDE.

    DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

    First examine sector 0 of each drive. One of the drives will have an MBR and partition table. This will be the first drive in the RAID.

    Then select various stripe sizes until you see your data.
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