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Hi what do I get with a 890fx that I don't get with a 790fx?

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  1. A newer south bridge and better support for 6-core CPUs.
  2. Cheers megaman, do you think south bridge is worth the extra cash. I'm not going to work a serious amount of clocking, I just want the option to have good crossfire support down the line.

    Oh and thank you for your time. That was my first forum question I ever posted. so cheers
  3. Here is a simple comparison chart for you


    You will notice that the 790fx and 890fx both use an older manufacturing process and may indeed actually be the same chip. Still, the 850SB provides faster SATA ports and 2 more USB ports. The biggest addition to me is RAID 5, but higher end 790fx chips often include that as well.

    If you're going to just get a quad core chip, an AM3 790FX board is probably the way to go. Only pay more for the 890FX board if you're going with a 6-core chip. Of course, make sure that the shipping BIOS supports it.
  4. You also get USB 3.0 Support the next step in USB evolution and SATA 6GB/s doubling the speed of the previous 3GB/s SATA seeds (although it may take some time before these new technologies reach their full potential).
  5. I'm going to use a 6 core processor. One thing I've never learned over the years is how to flash a bios (apart from inside windows). I'm going to have to learn this fast as I imagine I won't get 6 core support out the box (mainly because I a cynical fool). In fact will I be able to flash a mother bios with a processor that isn't supported by its firmware? Time to do some googling. Thanks for your help.
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