Old E-5250 workstation

I would like to gut my case and start over. I know its probably dumb, but I have used this Old PC from the day it was new in 1998. It it even do-able, or should I just look for something else?
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  1. The worse thing that could happen is that you could find out that parts wont fit and have to buy a new case. Just make sure that you set aside a little cash in case you need to.

    Buy the motherboard and power supply that you want and check to see if it fits. If you buy a high end graphics card you may need to cut some metal to make it fit; this point is mote if the motherboard wont fit though.
  2. Honestly I wouldn't even mess with it unless I wanted to do some kind of case mod. Anyway, if your case is ATX, then technically any new components should fit o.k.. If it's not, then you will not even be able to screw in the motherboard without modifying the case. Of course, if you are going to be using a tower cooler or a long GPU then it's always best to measure before hand.
  3. I googled it and what I came up with said dual CPU's. That probably means that the case is EATX so it should be fine.

    Although you may have to add some cooling.
  4. Another reason I like the old beast is that that it is 20.5 H X 18 D X 8.5 W. it also has a monster of a case cooling fan and duct work. In the winter it helps heat the room.
  5. Be sure to tell us when you go ahead and start doing that. I'd be curious to know how well it works out.
  6. I will. It will be a month or two before I start. I will have to get a temp replacement, It is currently my daily driver.
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