Can I Cross fire an XFX over-clocked 5870 with a regular HIS 5870?

Can I Cross fire an XFX over-clocked 5870 with a regular HIS 5870?
I asked because only the over clocked XFX 5870 is available to me. Is it a waist of money, will the regular HIS 5870 drag the XFX performance down?
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  1. Yes, but it's not exactly a waste of money. I assume the xfx one is only a few mhz more, so why not overclock your HIS to the same speed and that way both will operate at the overclocked frequency.
  2. The cards will always run at thier set speed. Unlike SLI there is no synchronizing of the cards clocks.

    The performance will still be equal to two of the slowest card (they are given the same amount of work, the frame is donw when teh slowest of the two is done). However, if the faster card is teh primary for all applications that do not use crossfire you will get the full overclocked performance.

    Though it is easy enough to OC the other card, though the black eddition xfx "might" be faster than some other 5870's could reach.
  3. I think my 5870 might be bad, so since I'd thought about doing cross fire someday I thought I might buy another to test it and then rma the first if it is bad. Either that or buy a $100 nvidea card to get by till the rma card comes back.
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