Bios resets to network setting only

I have a strange problem with a compaq 3,4 ghz model number compaq dx7200 mt base unit
I have reset the bios using 3 different way .
I got rid off the password that protected the system but the bios resets only to a choice of Floppy

or network
It wont recognice anything although it recognized the cd once but that dissapeared.
I dont have a floppy on my home computer but I have an external hard drive
does the bios need flashing and if it does is there any way I can flash it from my external hard drive?
Any help would be welcome
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  1. It doesnt see the hard drive or the dvd and it will not rest bios to a normal one but it lists as boot order floppy---Usb--Network device
  2. I can now enter the bios after removing the bios pass word but I cant see hard drive or cd it says i have ide hard disk somewhere but the thing wont let me change the boort order no options either disable usb disable usb and the same with the floppy but it seems to me thatthis was a factory computer working on a net work and the bios factory settings take me to the same options
  3. yes I set the hard on the first as master and the dvd as slave. even tyried the in different settings still no luck?
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