Do they make a dvd player with networking

i'm looking for a dvd player that can be networked wirelessly with my computer. i have movies, photos and home videos i would like to play on my tv through my PC without running a cable. is there such a device that does this?
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  1. The industry standard for networking consumer electronics is called DLNA.

    So always look for that feature when shopping.

    I don't know of any specific DVD players that support DLNA (they may exist, it might just be my ignorance), but there are plenty of blu-ray players (which also support DVD) that do. And as long as you have a DLNA certified server (e.g., Windows Media Player, there are others of course), that’s all you need. It's also possible some players are using proprietary (non DLNA) solutions.

    While all such devices will minimally support wire (and if you see an rj45 port, that’s the tipoff, unless it’s just there for “future use”, it's surely networkable), not all support wireless. Or it may a require USB wireless adapter (purchased separately). In the worst case, you can always wirelessly enable any wired device w/ a wireless Ethernet bridge. So it's not a show stopper by any means. It may even be cheaper and provide more flexibility to buy a wired-only device and extend it w/ your own wireless solution.
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