Palit gtx 285 or ATI 5850 ?

hi guys , i just sold my EVGA GTX 280 . And now i want to buy PALIT GTX 285. I was thinking about ATI 5850 to buy cause he got DX 11 , but he has not PSYHX. So....i choose DX 10 with PSYHX on 285.What you thinking about this?

ANd.. what you thinking about COOLING of PALIT? Buy this GTX 285 from PALIT? or choose other mark?

ON palit i see down parts of card from this cooling. CARD is not safety covered. So buy PALIT or no?
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  1. Seriously, are you really going to spend all that money on an outdated and overpriced card such the GTX285, when the HD 5xxx series is available?

    There is a way to have PhysX with ATI cards, you just need to apply a small patch.
  2. don't spend on old technology for fewer features when you can have them by patching game.Go for 5850.its smokes all games today.
  3. yeah why waste money on outdated dx10 card when you can get 58xx series for almost the same price
  4. :pfff: Two fanbois five and a half months late to the party.
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