How to overclock Asus M5A88-v EVO

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I'm new to this site. Just wondering how I can go about overclocking my system. I have no idea how to do it though I have turbo v installed, I read some posts online that it's better to do it in the bios. Also, wanna know how high it can go. Can someone help me? Many thanks guys!

mobo: Asus M5A88-v EVO
CPU: athlon x3 455 (3.3 ghz)
RAM: kingston hyperX (8GB) 2 sticks
PSU: cooler master 500w
fans: 1 rear and side panel fans (generic frequency fans) stock
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  1. do you have an aftermarket cooler? if not i wouldnt reccomend overclocking

    there is a section in your BIOS called AI Tweaker, you can adjust the cpu/NB frequency, but be aware that it will also change the ram, NB and HT frequencies along with it, so you may have to play around with it a bit longer
  2. I highly recommend you google "Athalon X3 455 overclocking"

    I second the recommendation to get an after market cooler.

    Additionally read the stickies on this site they will help a lot; that said:

    I have an M5a99x EVO (Asus) motherboard. The Turbo software from the desktop is ok but you have to reset your OC every time the pc boots. Which is a PITA because if you`re like me with a 2.9ghz CPU that OCs to 4.1ghz it takes a lot of 5mhz increments to get there because it crashes if you jump too much.

    Where as, if you do it in the BIOS it is locked in at what ever you set; and then you can adjust it from the desktop to push it and when you find settings that are stable. Go back to the BIOS and set it there and then move it up some more.

    IMO the desktop AI suite tool (turboV) is good. A good place to start is use the Auto tune tool to see what the PC can do. Keep in mind this will not usually be anywhere near the actual top end of your CPU.

    In my experience the auto tune pushed it to 3.76ghz, and when I did it manually after learning what the limits of my CPUs voltage and other factors were I got it up to 4.1 from 2.9. There are lots of factors that affect how high you can OC.

    The voltage limit of the CPU, NB, RAM and other components. The core Multiplier (which on your cpu is probably locked like mine which means you can only adjust the core speed) The temperature limits (ie Phenom II CPUs should not be run hotter than 65*C or they die [apparently] no idea what athalons can do.)

    IMO read lots ,google lots and then feel free to ask questions and we'll help you as best we can.

    If you want a good suggestion for a CPU cooler I reccomend the Cooler Master V6 (newest revision) It's what I have and it keeps my Phenom II x6 (stock 2.9ghz) @ 4.102 Ghz @ 1.5125v around 20-25*C idle and 32-36*C under load usually. [That is in conjunction with having my case fans set up well.]
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