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I was just wondering why all of a sudden hard drive prices have increased by so much. Back in August I was able to put in a WD Caviar Black 750GB SATA 6 hard drive for only $50 now it costs over $100 for any drive over 500 GB. On a 1TB WD Caviar Black SATA 6 the price jumped for $90 to $220. It seems crazy that anyone would buy the drives for these prices. What happened to the market?
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    Well, yeah they are going up in price dramatically, but did you ever try to buy a drive 10 years ago if you think they are high now? Makes getting an SSD a little more attractive.
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    There was a huge flood in Thailand that is putting a kink in the supply and demand chain. They make a lot of either the parts or complete hdd's in that country. Just like the Snuname put a slow down on the Manufacturing processes in Japan.
  3. That is a significant difference. My buddy decided he wanted to start building and I was shocked. I think, unfortunately for the manufacturers, that most people should hold off buying until prices return to normal.
  4. I was considering a 3rd build my own computer and now I won't even consider it until next year. Maybe the FX processors will actually be somewhat good by then. Thanks for the info Izone.
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