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So this is what I need help with. I recently got new parts to build a whole new computer. But when I got everything, I learned that the motherboard I got was a little out of date, and defective. It's the ASUS Rampage ii Extreme. With it I get a cold boot with the LCD poster counting how long it takes to boot. Ive tried everything to try and fix it, but knowing how old it is, I want to RMA it and get a more up to date motherboard, that I believe will give me better luck with the current parts in it. With the specs I have right now, I just want to know what would be my best bet for a motherboard.


CPU: Intel core i7-980x
RAM: Corsair Dominator- GT 6GB 1600 MHz 7-7-7-20
PSU: Corsair TX950W
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