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I'm interested in upgrading my hard drive.

I'm on an XP machine - a 939 mobo (SATA 3gbs), 4000+ AMD with 2GB DDR 400 - and I do not plan to upgrade any other components except for storage.

Would an SSD be relevant on this particular system when it comes to performance?
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    Absolutely. I've taken an old ok-performing HP desktop, popped the SSD in for the system drive, and now it's like a race car.

    Same recommendation I give others - grab the cheapest SSD you can find to meet your storage needs. For yours - buy a 60GB for $60 to $80, put the OS on it, and then use your current drive for data.

    Another recommendation - you'll do yourself a big favor upping your memory to 4GB. Memory is cheap these days - don't skimp on it. Take the memory to 4GB (maybe cost you $30 if you have to throw away your existing 2GB) along with the SSD and you'll have yourself a speedster.
  2. Okay. Should I use a controller card to upgrade to Sata III? Would I still be able to load an OS on that controller card?
  3. No need - you already have SATA 2. SATA2 and SATA3 will play friendly with eachother.

    You can clone your current disk on to the new SSD and just make it the boot drive. Everything will work fine.
  4. Okay! Thank you! :)
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