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My motherboard is the ASUS P6T Delux v2 with a processor i 7 920.when i install the processor with Default settings in bios i get a message !OverVoltage! and freezes up,the only way to run it is if i have the voltage in 1,30 about,i use the box fun that i got froom buying the i7 920 and in power section in bios does not write the voltage of the proccesor is says only 00000 and if i turn from 00000 to Ignore then i dont get that mesage.
PLzzz SOMEONE help me with tha isue i cant anderstand it HEEEELLLPP, ty foo any answer in advance.
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  1. What brand and model power supply do you have?
  2. a 950 watt coshair and btw eaven if i remove 1 of my 2 grafic card it is the same results, in any other motherboard that i had in my life AUTO meand that it will no be ssany problem in finding the voldage of the procecor,
  3. AH! There is a well documented problem with the new Asus P6T Deluxe v2 motherboard and the Corsair TX950 power supply. It is a compatability issue probably due to design changes in the Asus motherboard. Corsair needed to make a design change in the TX950. Please contact Corsair Customer Support.
  4. Yeah u r right it is not only this motherboard it is one more that have compability problems, i think i will contact corsair and tell them to fok them selfs, i dont think they can do smt ,but i can say to u ty soo muck 4 your fast feedback and your help.
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