Swiftech GTX 6XX Mounting Kits?

Has anybody heard anything about mounting kits for the Swiftech universal blocks? I'm looking to drop the money on a GTX 670 and haven't found anything about the mounting kits (which one could argue are somewhat essential to watercooling a GPU).

I could technically run it on air for the time being, and just have a block hanging out in my case, but I'd rather not.
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  1. Good question. Usually you can find it listed here: http://www.swiftech.com/mountinghardware.aspx

    I posted a question to their Q/A, so we'll see what we get back.

    Is there a compatible mounting kit out for the nVidia 6xx (GTX 670 or 680, mainly) series GPUs for MCW60/80/82? Will one of the current 4xx/5xx mounts work, or will there be a new mount kit for these blocks?

    The MCW82 is compatible out of the box.


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  2. The full cover 670 blocks are going to be so cute looking! :love:
  3. @Rubix - Yeah I checked their forums and the latest post concerning them was the 9th, so I posted on a few of their threads. Apparently the mounts were "in production", and I saw that somebody managed to get the old G80 mounts to fit just barely (the G80 spacing is 58.4mm; GK104 is 58mm).

    I'm probably going to go unisink as well, since it's easier than dealing with those small heatsinks when you want to clean off the card and sell it ;)

    @amuffin - I can only imagine how small those FC blocks are going to be. NVIDIA really shocked everybody when they fit a better GPU on a PCB half the size.

    Really looking forward to this GTX 670. It actually attracted my GF's attention when I posted on Facebook - she has...'different opinions' when it comes to my spending habits ;)
  4. Quote:
    I'm probably going to go unisink as well, since it's easier than dealing with those small heatsinks when you want to clean off the card and sell it

    Swiftech is really on to something with their uni blocks and those full-cover heatsinks...a great idea in my mind. They also negate any need for a backplate to keep a card from warping. A nice addition for only $30 a card, when you're going to spend at least $15 or so on RAMsinks.
  5. So Stephen from swiftech informed me that the G80 brackets are what we'll need for the GTX 670 (and 680, I'm assuming). What I'm concerned about is that the match up is only *so* close (sometimes that 0.4mm difference is make-or-break)
  6. Interesting...? Also interesting that 670 and 680 would use the same retention mount size...they've strayed from that since the days of the GT200.
  7. I guess I'm off to order the G80 mounts - I don't have my original box handy and it has the mount in it (only 3000 miles away ;)).

    Forgot to add that I obviously will be reporting back with findings.
  8. I might have my old G80 mounts laying around somewhere.
  9. If you have them I'd be willing to buy them off you. Swiftech has them for $6 + S&H (and they always overcharge you - it doesn't cost $15 to send a MCW82 but apparently it does for them).
  10. Let me see what I can find. I'll PM you.
  11. Added Swiftech response in my first reply. (appears to be the same thing they've told you)

    Haven't looked yet for mine.
  12. Yeah, that was the initial response I got from Stephen over on the forums; I had him elaborate that the G80 mount was the one to use.
  13. Did some digging and found out that the G80 and GT400 Rev. 2 mounting plates are basically the same thing. Both are 58.4x58.4mm, and hold down slightly differently.

    So you're good if you buy either, AFAICT
  14. boiler1990 said:
    Did some digging and found out that the G80 and GT400 Rev. 2 mounting plates are basically the same thing. Both are 58.4x58.4mm, and hold down slightly differently.

    So you're good if you buy either, AFAICT

    Now that you say that, I think I recall something similar to this when GT400 came out (using the G80 mounts instead of the GT200 mounts).
  15. Alright, so I got my GT400 Rev. 2 bracket and my heatsinks today (from two different places to boot!) and got everything mounted.

    I was hoping to simply just change the bracket on the MCW82, but I forgot that the screws in it held the block together. Sure enough, I ended up with a puddle on the floor (got most of it into a bucket though).

    Here's the awesome looking stock EVGA GTX 670:

    As you can see, the PCB is a baby (about the same length as my sound card!):

    Without the cooler:

    Mounted the Enzotech copper heatsinks from FrozenCPU. Very easy since they use a thermal tape that's already attached. [bRemember, there are 4 VRAM chips on the back

    Here's the block attached to the card. If you use the GT400 Rev. 2 bracket, do NOT use the black spacers that come with it. The block will not mount properly.

    I need to get more water before I can get temp results, but the card has at least been reinstalled in the system!
  16. You aren't kidding...that thing is tiny. However, it looks pretty awesome like that if I do say so myself. Would look FANTASTIC in SLI in a SFF/HTPC case.

    And to add- I never did find my old mounts. They are probably hidden/lost forever somewhere either in my office or in my attic. I couldn't find them for the life of me.
  17. Yeah it is basically the same size as my HT Omega Striker. The smaller PCBs allow for better airflow as well, which is great for smaller cases.

    That's alright - I got the mounts pretty cheap on eBay since the shipping was more reasonable. The only reason I know I have mine is because I have the box.
  18. So I finally got the loop refilled this weekend, and everything is running well. Ran the new Furmark 15min Burn-in Benchmark @ 1920x1080, and here are the results.

    Idle (room) temp was 24-25C; load was about 31-33C, and max was 35C by the end of the test (PC is under a table). I think I'll see around 32C gaming, which is pretty good for the GPU since the 560Ti ran at about 34C while gaming for long sessions.

  19. I like the results.

    Sooooo...when do we get to see all the pics? :)
  20. I guess I need to ask what you want pics of.

    Also going to mess with some OCs this week.
  21. Personally, I'd like to see the entire loop with the new hardware installed...just to see how it looks in comparison with the rest of the components. Also curious to see your benchmark results of this compared to my 560Ti's...I've been meaning to mess with my BLCK a little to see what I can get out of a normal 2600 and see what else these 560's can do.
  22. Haven't hit any issues in games yet, other than some screen tearing. Trying to figure out which VSync setting will help fix it.

    In other news, I set my 2600K to 4.5 GHz (stock volts) and it's running without a hitch so far. No issues with a maximum Intel Burn, though I'm probably not going to run Prime95 since I don't care *that* much and it'd be a lot of electricity and heat in a new house with a so-so AC unit :/
  23. IMO, IBT > Prime95, anyway, so not much to gain by benching both tests.
  24. Got my fan controller and fans this week (Scythe Master Kaze + Ultra Kaze 3000s) and have gone about reformatting my PC since I got a new Crucial M4 128GB.

    I need to get the right size screws - right now I have the screws only partially in and there's a lot of vibrating since the Kaze's are really strong. I'll get them tomorrow, and hopefully will be able to run some benchmarks to compare with the older results.
  25. Alright, go the fans mounted properly with double rubber washers, and things are *ok*. The middle fan is making a rattling noise and I don't know what is causing it; the other two fans are pretty quiet though. No cables stuck as far as I can tell, and the screws are pretty tight...

  26. I'm still trying to figure out what's with the fan. It sounds like it's hitting something, yet there are no wires or anything in the fan blades. The system seems to be running pretty well with just two on the bottom @ half speed. They're really quiet when toned down below 2500RPM.
  27. Odd...a bad bearing? Mine are really quiet, especially under 2000rpm and even at full speed, they aren't unbearable.
  28. Not sure yet. I'm going to pull it out and run it while not attached to the rad. I wonder if it is part of the rad hitting the blade, but I can't be sure without testing.
  29. That fan controller looks awfully familiar...
  30. Haha didn't even realize you run the same one ;)
  31. "Turns out" (;)) that the bearing is bad. Going to try and contact Scythe about it and see what they can do.

    In the meantime, two fans on the end of my rad actually do a pretty good job of maintaining temps in Furmark
  32. So Scythe won't do anything without a proof of purchase (which I don't have since I bought the fans used)....so anyone know how to take apart a fan? I think it's just an issue with the bearing but I have no idea. I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow evening so I won't have time for a while to mess with the fan at all.

    Two fans at least run under 30C @ 1500RPM :D Pretty impressive I must say.
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