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My computer, (HP with Athlon XP2600 2.08 GHz 960 MB Ram with a NVIDIA GeoForce 4 MX Intergrated GPU) serves all my needs except watcing Video. When ever I attempt to watch Hulu or MLB TV I get a choppy video. My Dell Mini 9 does better than this desktop. Since it is lacking in only this one area I have thought about up grading it rather than replacing it. Knowing some, but very little about computers, would installing a video card solve my problem? If so what card would be recommended? Thankt in advance for any advise Bob
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    Any low end discrete graphics card will allow you to stream video.

    ATI 4350, 4550, 4650 or Nvidia GT 210 would all be good and very affordable options for you. Get whatever you can find cheap. has the best prices on video cards.

    Anything more expensive would only be useful if you wanted to play video games.
  2. Dont spend more than $40-45. You can probably find something in the $35 range that would be good for you.
  3. Thanks bob!
  4. Bob just be aware that you need a AGP card!
  5. rolli59 said:
    Bob just be aware that you need a AGP card!

    Nice! .. I didnt even think to ask him about his mobo.
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