My computer keeps resarting, any help?

so i'm at home enjoying my sweet self and i go to turn on my computer. so it's starting up when a blue screen pops up (still in setup) saying one of my drives need to be checked for consistency (i have 2 drives) and i think to myself "why not?" so i let it do it's thing, it finishes and launches windows (im feelin fine and still happy) i have an ide drive so it's takin a little long. when out of nowhere a message pops up sayin something about something wrong with a file and when i go to click an option and my computer resarts, hesistant i let it go, the same disk check message pops ups ( i skip it this time) it lauches windows, no error message this time but it still resarts. this is just after my wifi card died on me (never buy computer parts from hong kong) i removed the card all toghter after uninstalling it in case that has anything to do with it.

thanks in advance for the help.
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  1. i recommend doing a fresh install of windows to rule out any software problems. if that fails then you still have a hardware problem on your hands, most likely the hard disk itself.
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