CPU Fan Fail Warning on AMD PII X2 555

hello all,
i m a proud owner of the New,
Phenom II X2 555 BE.
i just baught it here in india this afternoon, and installed it in my GIGABYTE GA-MA785GM-US2H mobo.
Ram: 2GB DDR2 @ 667
HDD: 40 + 160 GB
Graphics: EVGA 9600 GSO 384 Mb GDDR3

I installed the CPU in my MOBO and it was all plug and play with 2 restarts on Windows 7.
now I started testing the CPU for stability and Performance at stock values.
i have found that whenever the CPU is running at or above 98% the CPU Fan fail warning bell rings up
now i am afraid to overclock it even a little bit before i make sure that this CPU is going to be stable.
any Advice would be helpful as to What the CPU fan fail Warning Bell means for this CPU?
I have bought Artic silver 5 High density but am going to wait to apply it after i have the CPU stable.

btw all the cores unlock and got a stable boot to win 7 but went back to dual core for testing the stabilty.
my vendor is willing to exchange the CPU if I have any problem with it in the next couple of days only. after that its RMA to AMD. If the CPU turns out to be stable at dual core then I will test it out at Quad core and also at the overclocks.
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    CPU fan fail warning would mean that your cpu fan isn't working, or your horribly over heating making the computer think it's not working. What do you have for temperatures? Have you looked to see that your cpu fan is actually spinning?
  2. ok the beep comes up when the cpu is running at 100 % load.
    idle temps are (deg cels)
    1 -25% : 34 - 42
    100% : 60
    i checked the whole settings again and something must have been done right as i have fewer beeps this time around. I think reducing the Vcore voltage to 1.35v actually helped.
    also i have checked the Oc capability> at 1.35v i have stable boot at 3719 MHz. mul @ 17.5. temps are the same as above.
    I think I may be able to reach 4 GHz with a higher Vcore voltage.
    Cores unlocked and tested @ 3.4 GHz. did not dare go above that as the temperatures are not being sensed in the unlocked mode.
    and yes the CPU Fan is properly working.
    SiSoft sandra benchmarks @ 3.4 GHz Quad gave results nearly same as PII 965 BE. in the comparison tables, but could not beat Core i5 750 in many tests.
    so the new verdict is the this CPU is worth it.
    I am not going to return it just because of the temp warnings for now. I mean getting a successful Quad Unlock is better then anything. If i Have any trouble i will RMA it later on to AMD itself.
  3. r u using the stock cooler which came with the processor?
  4. I am using the Stock cooler. but the fan is horrible. it tends to run very fast to keep the HSF cool. (3500 is minimum and reaches upto 6200 RPM) also i had to reinstall windows 7 because the old one kept giving out fan fail warning at regular intervals even when the fan was running at 4500 RPm. the temratures are 30 - 34c idle. 41 - 5c 100% load. also had to reduce the stock voltage from 1.35v to 1.25v. giving me the same performance but at lowere power. CnQ is enabled . i disable it only if i am going to be playing games, which is not that often.
    i may have to get better RAM. my current 2 GB 667 ddr2 is slowing me down. and a better HDD. well other then that its working good for now. have not yet needed to wither overclock it or unlock the cores for regular use. and my mean tempratures for the system went down by 5 - 10c. might get a better cooler to make the system silent. currently its louder then my ceiling fan.
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