My 1st build nVIDIA/AMD....REQ opinions and guidance


I would just like some opinions on my 1st build and which way I should be going next with it. Should I bother upgrading the RAM? What should I be doing to squeeze more gfx power out of my current setup? I am planning on a RAID setup, most likely only 2 more drives. I am also considering a blu ray drive, possibly a burner. Used mainly for gaming/media. I may begin using 3d and 2d design utils and/or audio composition utils.

AMD Phenom II X4 920 OC'd @ 3.08Ghz (41°C idle 56 under load, Tt SpinQ CPU cooler))

Asus M3N-HT Deluxe/HDMI
-nForce 780a SLI chipset
-PCIe 2.0 x3 (fully populated all 3 run @ 8x....2 @ 16x)

2x2GB 800Mhz OCZ DDR2 (stock timing & voltage, mobo supports up to 8GB@1066Mhz natively)

Hitachi 500GB 7200 RPM SATA
LITE-ON 24x DVD burner

Vista64 Home Premium

BFG 9800 GT OC+ 512Mb(factory OC'd, 54°C idle 68 under load)
-SLI'd with
BFG 9800 GT 512Mb (not OC'd....should I? 45°C idle 54 under load)

KingWin 800w (modular with only 2 PCIe 6/8pin modules)

CoolerMaster HAF 922 (9 fans total on/in case)
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  1. ^ Just sell off those 2 9800GT and buy a single HD will notice the difference...
    And have you tried to overclock the CPU higher maybe 3.4GHz ? Those temps are pretty after overclocking, those should still be in acceptable limits...

    RAID 0 wont necessaryly improve the performance...It wont have much effect in gameplay for sure though maybe slightly improve the game load time but still...
  2. thanks gkay, afaik my CPU is "locked". My mobo has some OC options, max is 10% OC from BIOS. I will do some more research on my CPU and see if I can unlock it somehow. Thanks for the advice on the gfx as well!
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