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Ok, not really all that familiar on how windows 32bit and 64bit run, but here is what i know. I have windows xp 64bit installed as my 32bit xp would only read 2gb mem. I was told to install a 64bit OS so that it can read my 4gb. After uninstalling xp 32b and installing 64b and subsequently my memory is being read correctly i thought that would be the end of things. Huh! now i cannot play most of my games as they are incompatible with 64b OS's. Well at least xp because i have done a search and some will work with Vista and 7 64b. I thought i could also run the game in compatibility mode, no luck there either, well let's forget the games for now, my printer will not install either as there is no driver for windows xp 64b, there is for Vista and 7, goes and figures, i do not want to go back to Vista and 7 just kept freezing up on me. My web browser was Firefox, but with windows xp 64b guess what, adobe flash is not compatible with xp 64b, i hate IE so i am using Google chrome, not much better than IE, but at least i can get online for now. So my question is, do i really need a 64b OS or can i run a 32b OS even though it tells me that i am only running 2gb mem, but it would use the 4 if needs be, this is the part i am not sure about.
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    Before we even get into troubleshooting, I'm going to ask if both copies of Windows (I'm guessing you're using XP in both cases) are legit, Microsoft-branded CDs.

    The real reason I'm asking is because these were VERY obscure versions of XP (with obscure bugs) but, give me my tinfoil hat, I find it unusual someone has had these sitting around for years and just now decides to install. If you're using any sort of cracked or torrented software God only knows what you actually installed. There's no point in even trying to troubleshoot it. Oh yeah, and we can't help you anyway in that case!

    THAT SAID. IF both copies are legit, there are some obscure shennigans that can cause what you see.

    How much physical memory does this machine have?

    What video card is in the machine?

    How old is this machine?

    What games are you trying to play? Current games or reallllllly old games from the dawn of graphics and time?
  2. Ok, both are legit copies of windows xp, i actually have legit disks. My machine is a self built model.

    AMD Phenom Triple core @2.3ghz
    Memory 4094mb
    Video card Nvidia geforce 8400 GS

    I just recently purchased the 10th anniversary box set for Medal of Honor, i managed to install all disks except the Airborne one, this is what brought the initial problem to the question. It even states in the booklet that it's not compatible with Windows 64b. Looks like i have wasted $40 on a game, unless i reinstall xp 32b. I do have windows Vista 64b also and a friend has 3 license's for Windows 7 i can use, but i did try her copy of 7 and all it does is freeze up, this i believe is due to the video card. I can if i need to, go back to 98 as i have those disks too.
  3. You do know that firefox is a 32 bit program, right? You need to install the 32 bit version of flash for it to work in firefox. Remember, just because it's a 64 bit OS doesn't mean you can't run 32 bit programs.
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