Hdd led always on

hi my hdd led in on hole the time
wen i start my mobo whit out hdd its on also
notting conect to the mobo only ram cpu and video card
is my mobo gone die?????
hope u can tel my the problem
thx kelly

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  1. While it is nearly impossible to understand that paragraph of nonsense, I am going out on a limb and say that you have the Hard Drive LED plugged onto the header wrong. One way is correct, if it is reversed 180 degrees, the light will stay on all the time.
  2. im just guessing that you have the HDD led plugged into the power LED port on your mobo. maybe you want to check that.
  3. What color is the LED shining ? If it is red, it may indicate a potential problem. If it is not red, it may not be the hdd LED. My M/B has a LED that shines continuously when my computer power is connected to a wall socket. This is to indicate that power is applied to the board, though the computer may be off.
  4. thx but its not it
    i run this pc for more than a year now
    the led plug in good
    powerled is green
    and hdd led is red
    wen i go to the bios it turn of
    but wen the pc start up its on
    wen i take the hdd out its still burn
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