Ok I have a fairly new build...

AMD Phenom 965 Black Edition
MSI 790fx gd-70
OCZ Black Edition 4g 1600mhz
NVidia 9800gtx
Wester Digital Caviar Black 750g harddrive
Corsair HX850 power supply
Corsair H50 cpu cooler

Lately I have been getting hypersync transport flood errors and system memory dumps, i am not sure whats causing this. This morning i got a BSOD BC Code 124 and also a BC Code 109. This is really becoming aggravating. I was maybe wondering if this is faulty Ram or a faulty motherboard, I had my Ram set to 1600 mhz in the bios but i may not have had some settings right. i was running on optimized defaults a bit ago while playing World of Warcraft and i got the Hypertransport Sync Flood Error. Also i ran Prime95 with ram timings set to 1600mhz and got a fatal error. Any help on this would be great.
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  1. I would try the 1333 setting and spd (default timings). You won't notice that much difference in performance. I would also change the setting for "memory mapping" if it's listed in your bios.
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