New built computer not booting

My class each built computers for our IT class. We all have the same problem. Everything has power and we get a a blue screen (i forgot what was on it) and then a black screen that says boot faliure.

It must be a common problem or something because our prof. is laughing at us...

There's no OS and no drivers are installed. We tried putting the driver CD for the HD, Motherboard, and DVD drive in but all the CD aren't being recongined.

Please help!
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  1. ^ Do you get any beep sound ? And check if the RAM is installed properly...
    Go through this Checklist...If there are no DOA components, then this would fix it for sure...
  2. +1 for going through every step in the checklist. Chances are VERY good that the resolution to your problem is contained in the checklist.

    You can't use the driver CD until you have an OS installed. That could be why your professor is laughing at you.
  3. Might wanna stick in a CD to install the OS. Kinda hard to boot w/o one...
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