Anyone know an at&t dsl specialist

Anyone know an at&t dsl specialist
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We live in the woods and our only choice for “high speed” internet is satellite. It is better than dial-up but only by a little. We have frequent interruptions in service during storms. We are unable to do online gaming or file sharing. Even though we pay for the most expensive package allowing us more bandwidth access we have gone over our “fair use limit” several times. We have three different businesses out of our home, so this is a serious problem. My wife has many large files she must upload every week and to do so we have to go to another location.

We have at&t phone service and Verizon wireless (absolutely no at&t wireless service in our area). So we do have a phone cable run to our house.

There are about 4 at&t boxes exactly 2 miles from our house. One is brand new within the past month.

I know that both DSL and Cable high speed internet is available in the neighborhoods near by. The closest person with High Speed to us had Comcast cable run a business line to his home for $6000. He is 1 mile away from us and he had the line run one mile from their nearest location. So I suspect it would be a similar cost for us to run a similar line if we were willing to bundle our services. And this is rather expensive. I would hate to give up my DirecTV for Cable.

This is a touch arrogant of me but I suspect that AT&T is simply wrong in thinking that DSL is not available at our location. I have encountered this before when my building was simply not on their service map and so anyone I talked with could only report on what the computer said. Not available. Due to the fact the surrounding areas all had DSL I finally got them to let me try and it worked great.

I talked with a help person recently and they said that it may be due to the fact that there are a limited number of “ports” available for DSL and that there are probably no more ports available.

So does anyone have any suggestions or have any contacts at AT&T that might actually know something more than the standard help desk worker?
Maybe an AT&T business DSL expert?

To sum up we are 2 miles from a major AT&T phone terminal station.
DSL and Cable highspeed internet are both available just 1.5 miles away.
We live in southern Indiana at zip 47201.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. Quote:
    Due to the fact the surrounding areas all had DSL I finally got them to let me try and it worked great.

    So you were able to try DSL and it worked just fine. Why is it they didn't just leave it as is?
  2. The "ports" referred to is at the network hub. They can only attach so many people to these hubs prior to service degrading.

    Depending on your situation, it might be expensive for them to bring service to your area. I'm not sure of the distance that DSL works over before they need to add another hub, but it could be that you're SOL in the fact that the money it would cost the company to add an additional spot to connect you within range of the nearest, or newest hub, is not worth the cost to them.

    I'm not sure where you are but I'm guessing you're probably in the foot hills or a place that is generally flat?

    Satellite is iffy at best. I don't recommend it at all for internet. You may want to check into companies offering LOS (Line of Sight) wireless. A company used to be around called CommWaves but I think they were bought out. This info is many years old though.

    Given your situation, if the helpdesk can not provide additional information, check into LOS Wireless. They would have to either put a small tower on your property or if your house is high enough, they could mount a dish to the top of your house. Much like Direct TV but the Dish has to have Line of Sight to the other dish. Trees, hills, etc, make it not work though.

    On a side note, years ago I knew a guy who wanted wireless in the foothills. He bought a wireless tower and paid to have a T3 installed. Then he dished out internet service to anyone who wanted it - he became his own ISP - then he sold it off for a few million to AT&T I believe.
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