When i try to print in win 7 i get access denied

Environment: window 7 64bit, no firewall, no virus protection, svpk 1 installed, all updates applied. Machine environment created on a new clean PC (win 7/Pro 64bit) using Laplink from fully operational a xp Pro system.

Question: Printer installations either fail completely when trying to install network printers on a lan using tcpip address designation, mfg driver, etc. with an error 57. I get an accessed denied when I try to print a test page after successflly installing a local usb based hp1020. My gut tells me I got a UAC problem in the printer drivers. The Windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository and below had an ownship of none so I reset it after encountering the above to "SYSTEM" to match another win 7 Pro 64bit system that isn't having these problems. I think my best option is to trash everything and start over --- any ideas on avoiding this?
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  1. Are you on a domain?

    Do you have administrator access?

    What is the UNC path of the network printer you are trying to get to?

    Try this...

    Go to your Devices and printers. Click on the printer. Now at the top select "Print server Properties" go to "Drivers" tab - delete everything in there. Now delete the printer you added - and try to re-add the printer.

    Sometimes it appears Windows has problems with old printer drivers - especially if you uninstall and re-install them quite often.

    Edit: Also if you are on a domain - does the printer have a security group to it and is the user you are logged on as, have permission to print to it?
  2. Initially I was in a domain but removed the system and logged on as a local PC administrator with no attachment or access to the domain. Did everything you suggested and reinstall the printer bu plugging in th usb cable.
    Using this technique the printer installsIt finds and installs the driver and says ok everything is fine until you access it, then it say printer driver not found , it fires up the install printer wizard finds the Windows driver for it and say's everything is ok. Go tho printer properties and hit "print a test page" and blah, blah "printer access denied". Go back and try anything else associated with properties and you get the drive is not installed... evven thour you just installed it, window said well done, the printer has a green check mark, etc.

    If you try to just add the printer, i.e. no usb plug-in stimulus, you get access denied after you have selected the right printer driver and tell it to install it.
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