I need help about upgrading..

what kind of motherboard should i buy in case of upgrading from core 2 quad q9450 to core i7?
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  1. Great idea! There are plenty of motherboards that will meet your general description. Please be specific and state your expectations, needs, and budget. Would you be doing any overclocking? Also, Core i7 has a few offerings (diff specs., diff prices).

    When you select your build parts, ensure that they work in harmony.
  2. im already having a core2quad q9450 using a p45 neo ms-7519 motherboard and i dont think my mobo can handle such monster processors like i7 900 or greater..
    i have a work so i can dream and save :)

    and another question if its ok..
    will corsair h50 and geforce gts250/geforce gt220/240 work on p45 ms-719 motherboard? i dont know what to do but im ought to buy it this weekend..
  3. I don't see "p45 ms-719 motherboard" on MSI's site. Read the manual and the socket size will determine what CPUs are supported by your board.

    If you can tell us the model and make of the board, we can check for the compatibility of GTS250 video card, and the Corsair H50. Usually, the motherboard manufacturer specifies what CPUs the board will support. Same goes for RAM, video cards, computer case, PSUs, etc.

    Make sure that all parts are compatible before purchasing.
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    jinqty said:

    Please clarify something. In your first post here, you stated that you wanted to purchase an i7 compatible motherboard. Your most recent post makes it appear that now you want to upgrade your existing motherboard and install some upgraded video cards.

    Let's address the i7 boards first. I recommend this board priced at around $230 at Newegg:

    This is an excellent board for i7-920 ($200 at MicroCenter, in-store only), and you can overclock this i7 CPU quite well. The onboard integrated sound is excellent, so you won't need a sound card.
    This board will accept the GTS250 video card, and DDR3 RAM (I have Corsair Dominator
    the cooler I have is the CM V8 and gives me good low temps. The better cooler Megahalem will not fir because of the tall Corsair RAM. Same story with Hyper 212 cooler.
    You will need a nice ATX case and Cooler master has some nice options. Take a look at this and other cases:
    Other case choices shown here:
    The Power Supply that I suggest is Corsair Modular PSU HX-750 ($130 after rebate) -
    Seagate 1TB HDD is on sale at MicroCenter at $60
    An optical (DVD) drive is around $20

    Now coming to upgrading the system you now have. I looked at the picture (resolution not very good) and there is one available video card slot -This is what you have: Expansion Slots PCI Express x16 x 1 • PCI x 3 • PCI Express x1 x 2 - the GTS250 will fit in the x16 slot. More details on your present board here:

    Your least cost approach will be to do some upgrades like the GTS250 card, to your present computer. If you want a new i7 system, then go for the components that I suggested.

    I know that you will be much happier with the EVGA X58 board. Their products are great and their support is terrific (good)! If you need more information, please contact me.
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  6. thank you for the best advice.... i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now all i hav to do is save
  7. Thanks, and yes save. The EVGA X58 boards are incredible! I upgraded from an EVGA X58 SLI to the EVGA X58 Classified.
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