Computer worked fine, then continual restart cycle

Could really use some help, and fast.

I built my own PC (been doing it for years, I would say I have a moderate knowledge). Everything worked fine until yesterday. I put my computer on standby each day before work, and when I went to boot it up everything turned on but I got no video. I hit the reset button and my computer would just continuallyrestart itself before I switched the power off.

I figured it was either my psu, mobo, or cpu. I used this as an opportunity to upgrade the cpu, mobo, and to get a power supply tester.

Tested my psu: tester said it was good to go (though the tester just lights up green leds for what works, and everything except -5v was green)

Installed cpu, mobo, ram, video card, and sound card tonight: turns on, but no beeps, no video.

I removed the video card and sound card.

Previous build:

Asus p5kvm
Intel core 2 duo e6600
Soundblaster fatality sound card
nividia 8800 gts
3 western digital hard drives
psu - ocz 600w power supply

New Build

msi p55-gd65
intel i-5-750
corsair xms ddr3 1600 mhz 2gb
other components the same

im guessing the psu is the culprit. thoughts?
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  1. Whatever is the same are possible reasons. Number 1 choice from me would be the video card at this point.
  2. True, but wouldn't the mobo be freaking out with beeps if all components are removed? I figured because of this it has to be the psu. And what about the continual restart in the previous build? Is that something a video card is capable of doing?
  3. Progress! Hooked up the speaker to the mobo without ram or vid card, and I got 3 long beeps. I'll have to continue with this after work
  4. Decided to work a little longer on this problem. Installed my ram, 1 long beep, 2 short beeps. Installed the video card, and my computer gave out a VERY loud, VERY long beep. Assuming this is not normal I shut the computer down. Looks like its the video card =(

    My theory now is that I previously had a micro atx board with my nvidia 8800 gts fan facing downward against my sound card. Since I had no room in the board I didn't have a choice. Don't really feel like spending the money but it this is what's needed to fix it I guess I must.
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