Mard Bad Sectors in my EXT HDD !

Hello folks i have a probem, u see i have 320 GB External HDD , last time i did a scan by Active Disk Monitor , It showed a 54kb Bad sector i.e,. i found a single bad sector, i don't know whether it was marked or not.
So i want to know if their is any bad sector marking software or tool , or does the default Xp Chkdsk command does this job, please see the picture:

Please give me some direction regarding this.

If no: then is their other tools that can do this.
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  1. Checkdisk does that, but I'd replace the drive. One bad area will usually mean more to follow. If you really want to use this drive, make sure you have a backup of it's contents somewhere else.
  2. Fixed it , used Hard Disk Sentinal and Spin Rite for these and now my Disk is AOK.
    Thanks anyways.
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