Help!!! Computer crashing after about an hour :(

Hey guys,
I am having an issue with my pc. I recently upgraded from a 19 inch widescreen monitor to a 24 inch. Its a Samsung T240HD. I cant play for more then an hour on my games ( COD 5, COD 6, Crysis) without it totally crashing. Everything locks up, and a weird color pattern occurs on my screen for about 5 seconds, which then changes to a black screen. I cant do anything so i must restart my pc. I had played about 6 hours Friday night on it with a Xbox 360 my friend brought over. Ran 100% fine.

I have the latest driver for my card....XFX GTX 260 Black edition. I also did a driver sweeper after uninstalling the old driver. I did not loose any fps, so i dont think its a too big of a monitor for my card. I play it with 1920X1200, 4XAA and everything on high and it runs as smooth as silk.

My dad suggested i bring down the resolution to see if that will do anything. After bringing it down to 1600X900 i was able to play a little longer, about an hour in a half until it crashed.

The card is refurbished.

When it crashed with 1600X900 the GPU temp was at 55C. Which i no for a fact should not make it crash.

Any help would be awesome.

Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00GHZ
X-FI Fitality Xtreme Gamer Edition
GTX 260 Black edition
Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Lots of fan cases so i dont think its a temp problem.
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  1. Power supply make and model?

    When it crashes what type of an error does it give you? Does it just shut down hard?
  2. PSU is almost brand new. CORSAIR CMPSU-650TX 650W ATX12V

    No error. Just screen has strange pink color pattern then goes black. Everything is 100% frozen.
  3. Sounds like a card issue!
  4. This is totally not related to ur post but... You should change ur 32 bit to a 64 bit if u want to actually use 4gb of ram
  5. Yeah i know i did have it with 64 bit but way too many bugs. I didn't even see a difference with anything either.
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