Phenom II x4 955 Black @ 800mhz???

I think I have made a monumental **** up, basically I just built a new system with a Phenom II x4 955 black edition cpu and I decided to try and use AMD overdrive software to overclock it and I did the auto tune, I left it running and when I came back to check on it the pc was just booting up so I thought it might have had to restart for some reason when I loaded it back up I had a look at Everest, cpuz and the AMD overdrive and they all say that my "core speed" is 802.4 MHz am I looking at the wrong thing or something but should it not be at least 3200mhz, when I first look it says its 3247 or something then it drops down to 802 and stays there, any ideas? Is there a program that can test the current speed of my CPU? Other than Everest and cpuz
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  1. DO you still have CoolnQuiet enabled ?? - It is designed to downclock the CPU when it is not doing anything stressful and usually it will downclock to an X4 multiple of the system speed so 800MHz. sounds like where it would downclock to by default - so with CnQ enabled that is normal - try running a game or benchmark and take another look and the speed will go back to where it should be
  2. It's a feature don't worry.

    Cool n Quiet is kicking in which throttles down the CPU to a bare minimum when you're not using it.

    Boot up CPU-Z and then run something intensive like Prime95 and watch the speed kick back in. IN fact, if your CPU fan is PWM-controlled yo'll see it speed back up too.
  3. omfg u have no idea how much I was shiting myself thinking that I just wasted my new cpu lol thx alot I’m going to go to the bois and turn it off I think thanks again
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