Help with stable overclock for 1090t

I'm trying to overclock my hardware and need some assistance. My specs are
AMD 1090t
Gigabyte 890FX-UD5(revision 2.0)
Cooler Master V6 GT and HAF-X
Corsair Dominator 2x2GB 1600Mhz 8-8-8-24(running at 1333Mhz)

I've disabled the CE1 support, AMD K8 cool n quiet and core turbo boost. Also I raised the multiplier to 18 which clocks the processor at 3.6Ghz. Running stable, temperatures are 25C(idle) and 45C(load). Right now it's summer time, so it's hot.

1. I want to overclock it and achieve at least 4Ghz. And I need instructions, so that I don't mess anything up. Also do I need to disable the CE1 support, cool n quite, etc etc?
2. I was thinking about overclocking the north bridge too. I have almost no knowledge of what frequency to try for and the voltages, etc. So I need instructions here too.

My basic need is to get better results while gaming.
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  1. I would start by finding how high she goes with just the multiplier. My Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 automatically bumps voltage as the chip speeds up so you want to keep an eye on where your voltages end up at idle and at load. (Using CPU-Z or something like it)

    Of course you have to watch your load temps too. I found that HW Monitor was reading my core voltages low by 10 degrees. You want to be sure your temp readings are accurate so I recommend cross-checking with more than one program.
    (AMD overdrive gave me accurate core temp readings, although I did not use it to OC)
  2. Actually, I don't use the auto voltage setting in the BIOS. It has this feature, that either I have to put all the voltages on Auto or all on Manual. So that I can change a few. I change my RAM voltage from 1.5V which is on auto to 1.65V as my sticks are optimized for this setting.

    With CPU voltage on 1.3V I'm running stable on 3.6ghz, with 200 as FSB and 18 as multiplier. I tried increasing the multiplier to 19 and changing the voltage to 1.35, but I got a BSOD. I read somewhere, that you have to downclock the RAM, increase the NB voltage and tons of *** that I don't know. Thus I need assistance...
  3. 1.5v is maximum safe voltage for air cooling. I would try to get 4GHz on 1.5v then lower the voltage from there, seeing where you can get stable with minimum voltage.
  4. Multiplier clocking is simpler, you don't 'need' to run the ram down, although it can help to get things stable, then try putting it back up to rated speed after,
    check out the Black edition guide up top for some more pointers
  5. Okay, I tried 4.Ghz with 1.45V. It was looking like stable under torture test but the temps were too high. So I pulled the multiplier back to 19, running it at 3.8ghz. CPU Vcore is 1.35 volts and it's totally stable. For now, I'll settle with this.
    But now I want to overclock the HT Link and NB. I don't have any clue about the voltage settings, temperatures and the frequencies I should aim for. Any guide for this?
  6. If you can hold 3.8GHz at 1.35 I would try 4GHz again, start at 1.375v and see what the lowest possible voltage for 4GHz is, even if you can have it one or two increments lower it will help with temps,
    I'm not sure on the V6, are the fans in pushpull or do both push into the Hs?
    and if it was stable on P95 at 4GHz, theres no need to consider altering the Ht or Nb, or their volts
  7. I tried, 4ghz was unstable on 1.425 and was stable on 1.45 with temperatures too high for my liking.
    The fans are in Push Pull configuration.
    And also a shocking thing... My idle temperatures were 33-34C. I turned on the air conditioner, they fell on to 23-24C. That's 10 degrees! OMG!
  8. what were they?
    and can you lock cores on your mobo?
    shutting two cores off (your two weakest obv.) would help as well, withough sacrificing gaming performance
  9. With 4Ghz at 1.45V, I got something like 60C at full load. But that was with the AC off. And I don't leave it on the whole day. So I'm not comfortable with those right now.. I think I'll be able to hit 4Ghz easily in the winters. What do you think?

    I don't think I can lock cores in my motherboard. I can only unlock them...
  10. 60'c at full load is fine, lower is better ofc but 60 isn't a death sentence,
    with Ac on it would help and winter will obv be a good ambient temp for 4GHz,
    I would scope out your bios to see if there is any locking options, if not don't worry
    there isn't a deal of difference between 3.8 and four anyway, good luck for winter though mate :)
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