Holiday build


BUDGET RANGE: don't know yet

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, multimedia, word processing, internet

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, sound card, wireless card,

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Newegg, Bestbuy (more for getting it now than price, Amazon prime

PARTS PREFERENCES: MSI G31TM-P21 intel quad core



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: want gpu with no extra power
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  1. bump, i adjusted it to the right format, sorry forum newbie
  2. ^ Well if the budget is unknown, then it would be very hard to suggest you a config...
    You can get a Gaming/ Multimedia build, even for $500 and $5000...
    Maybe just give a range or rough value...
  3. Well i'll try

    I spent $21 on the mobo a few hours ago. I had a $50 best buy gift card
    My processor will be be a quad core of at least $150. I'll buy that from Amazon because i have prime shipping
    memory i will buy in store so prob more expensive than online. 4 gb on 2 sticks as i plan to install vista 64
    video card, looking at 9800 GT with no power connector so at least $100

    So far, it's $300-350
  4. ^ Have you bought the mobo and CPU then ?
    So how much have you left with to spend on the rest of the components ?
  5. gkay09 said:
    ^ Have you bought the mobo and CPU then ?
    So how much have you left with to spend on the rest of the components ?

    I bought the mobo already, not the cpu yet.

    The prime shipping ones from Amazon are

  6. You shouldnt have gone with the LGA 775 socket...
    An AM3 770 chipset mobo + a Tri core would have been better...So with the money saved, you could ahve go a better graphics card like the 5750...

    As for the CPUs that you have listed, Q8400 would be a good option(Q9400/ Q9300 if the price difference is very less)...
  7. I only went with that because I had a $50 Best Buy gift card and the mobo price pre shipping was 49.99 I only paid fastest shipping price. Without the gift card, i wouldn't have bought it

    I did take the Q8200 out of the running because it's the weakest, and the Q9300 due to the price too similar to the Q9400 in Amazon Prime

    My choices are


    BTW I will also buy a new PSU. Antec in store Best Buy or Staples, care more about getting it quick over price
  8. ^ If you overclock, then get the Q8300/ Q9400 as for the extra cache...
    But you can also go for the Q8300 and with the money saved, get a faster graphics card...
    As for the PSU, if Antec, then the Antec EA 500 would be good...
  9. Ahh, I was wondering why the Q8300 was priced higher than the Q8400. Now I know

    As for the PSU. That's possibly what i'll buy. I'll buy the memory tomorrow and the psu by friday
  10. ^ If the Q8400 is cheaper, then get that one...I thought the Q8400 is costlier than the 8300...
  11. How about a GPU rocommendation. What is the fastest single slot card in the market right now?
  12. ^ What is the budget that you are willing to spend on it?
  13. Whatever I have to as long as it's a normal sized card. My mobo is a micro ATX one
  14. ^hmm...
    $100 - $125 - HD 4850 1GB/ GTS 250 1GB, which ever is cheaper...
    $125 - $150 - HD 4870
    $150 - $175 - HD 5770
    $175 - $200 - HD 4890

    But for your screen resolution, at the max get HD 5770... More than that it would a overkill(actually even the 5770 is an overkill)...
  15. Because of my resolution i'm leaning towards the 9800 GT EE unless the pcomng 5670 won't need a power connector
  16. ^ Hmm...Then for about $115 get the HD 4770, it would be more powerful than the 9800GT, and would use less power...Even though it would require a separate power connector, but wouldnt draw that much power...
    But if you are willing to wait, then the HD56xx might be a good choice...
  17. I also need it to be a normal sized card, like when i stand the card up, it's shorter than my current 9600 GT
  18. Update

    I bought a 2 GB KByte memory from Staples today.

    My mobo will arrive from UPS tomorrow
  19. The HD 56xx series card would not be long...
  20. I have an WD 500 GB IDE hard drive i have no reason to change. The GPU has to clear the IDE plug so anything as long or longer than my 9600 GT now will suck.

    Also has to be single slot because of my mobo
  21. ^ Check this...possibly a HD 5670 ...

  22. That's EXACTLY the card size I want. Hell could even be THE CARD i want
  23. update.

    My mottherboard arrived this morning

    The next step is a CPU and regular sized video card.

    The CPU favorite is the Q8400 and i plan to have it on Monday
    The GPU favorite is a 9800 GT with no power connector brought from Best Buy
  24. I bought this a couple of days ago and it arrived 12+ hours ago

    What I want to know is what CPU can i use for putting my first build together. I'm looking to buy quad but am not sure if the current unboxed BIOS is good enough. I don't want to buy a CPU that winds up not working in the first bios
  25. ^ Most probably they would have the updated BIOS and the Q8400 is in the market for long time now...
  26. update

    I changed some things

    I bought the Q9550S this morning using an Amazon store card

    I paid over 300 but it was top of the line for Prime shipping and the 410 bios is a later date than the supported bios. It will arrive on Monday

    To trade off the price, i will keep my PSU and will not buy a video card until the 5670 comes out
  27. I got the Q9550S today :bounce: . I will spend the overnight putting in the new mobo and processor.

    I will start with just the CPU and memory in it and then slowly add stuff for posting

    My first real build
  29. ^ Congrats... :)
  30. Thanks

    I just added a 2 GB memory to make it dual channel.

    7.3 CPU
    7.3 memory
    6.9 9600 GT
    6.9 graphics
    5.8 HD (It's all about size and IDE for me)

    Now I want a new card to go with this fresh build

    Only requirements are a single slot card. My new mobo is MATX

    1280x960 because Windows 7 makes 1152x864 on my monitor look off.

    I play GTA 4
    Far Cry 2
    both Crysis
    OOTP Baseball 10

    Are any of the new/upcoming ATI and Nvidia cards single slot
  31. ^ Maybe...

    And even that HD 5670(Or whatever that might be) is also an option...
  32. My new sig rig is officially completed

    I won a video card from EBAY

    A used 4850 single slot from Sapphire. I paid the same i would have if I bought a dual slot gts 250 this week. and less than half price of the single slot GTX 260 from Ebay.

    According to Toms Hardware's graphics chart, it's a 3 tier upgrade from the 9600 gt which is the minimum to see significant improvement

    At the end of the build

    ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe to MSI G31TM-P21 LGA 775
    x2 4800 to Q9550S
    3 gb ddr1 dual to 4 gb ddr2 dual
    9600 GT to HD 4850
    Raidmax 450 PSU to Earthwatts 500
    Vista Black Edition SP1 32 bit to Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    case, monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and sound card will stay the same
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