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Hi all, I recently purchased THIS Radeon HD 5770 card off of newegg and was shocked to see that it shipped with an egg cooler as can be seen HERE. I am just wondering how the phoenix cooler pictured with the Gigabyte card compares with the egg cooler that it actually shipped with. I know that it is better to exhaust the hot air out the back of the case (I have a very well cooled Antec 900), but it seems like the Phoenix cooler doesn't have much in terms of a large heatsink or fan compared to the egg. Finally, the egg cooler apparently doesn't cooler the memory chip very well. The reason I am so concerned with this is because I am doing a large overclock on it, and will soon add a second one in crossfire. Thank you for your time!
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  1. they did do a test, i forgot which site i saw it on, but the egg cooler is cheaper and keeps the gcard cooler, but since it doesnt exhail the hot air out the back the case temp does rise, but only by like 3degrees, once ur psu iis exhausting hot air, ur good
  2. So, if I'm not really concerned with case temps, but just with the card temps when overclocking and crossfiring, is it worth the trouble of RMAing the egg and buying a new shrouded card?
  3. keep the card, theyre discontinuing the old cooler
  4. I see. Are they discontinuing it because it's bad or because it's too expensive?
  5. its cheaper and better for the card but a few degrees worse for the rest of the system, and concidering that a gcard is usually the hottest thing in a rig, im fine with that, and they are too
  6. Thank you for your help. Out of curiosity, I was looking at an anandtech article comparing graphics card temperatures and noted that the 5750 actually has higher temps than the 5770. The only thing that I could attribute this to (since the 5750 should theoretically have lower temperatures) is the fact that the 50 uses an egg cooler while the 70 uses a shroud. What is you guys' take on this?
  7. It doesn't matter what cooler they have since they barely dissipate any heat, the only way you would have an issue (using the "egg" cooler) would be to have horrendous case airflow. It even runs cooler than a GTS 250, and that says a lot cause the 250's run cold....
  8. Thank you. So even for crossfire and overclocking, the cooler is a non-issue? That sure does make things easy for me!
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    With an Antec 900 you won't have any issues......with all 5 fans on med or high settings and a tolerable room temp you will be fine....

    Here is the comparison review :
  10. Just what I was looking for, thanks so much!
  11. my pleasure =)
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