Intel E8400 or Q8300?

What do you think? :ange:
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  1. What do you use the computer for? If it's only for gaming, than the E8400 still holds it's own because of the high clock speed and cache, for most anything else I'd take the Q8300. This is assuming you already have a socket 775 board, if you're building new you can do much better for the money than either of those.
  2. I agree with that. ^
    But i say just go with the q8300, just cuz of 4 cores, more future proof.
    I dont think it would make big difference in games because GPU matters more.
  3. E8400. It's a great all-around proc, especially great for gaming. Despite "only" having 2 cores, it'll still hold it's on in multi-threaded tasks.
    Besides, multi-threaded support for applications is still lacking in most cases. There's a handful of them out there, but unless you do a lot of media work, you're better off with the E8400.
    DO it.
  4. I agree with what has already been said. Get the E8400 for gaming or the quad for a basic computer. The E8400 with the right MB/memory/cooling combo will overclock to ~4ghz very easily.
  5. Yes the gaming is the purpose, I guess its the E8400 then!
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