Apevia X-Explorer case?

Was exploring my options on a customizable desktop PC at MagicMicro.com and saw the Apevia X-Explorer case offered. I know nothing about cases, just liked the way this one looked. Anybody have one or know about them? Are they good for a budget gaming computer in terms of getting into, space, air flow, cooling etc? Don't really want to spend more than this on a case, but open to other suggestions. Not a hardcore gamer and won't be tinkering with the "innards" more than I have to.

Edit: Computer will have a Radeon HD5770 and Athon II X4 620 CPU if that matters

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  1. Hmmmm......According to the specifications the bottom front of the case does not have any intake fans. Two 80mm fans for the front are optional. In addition, the plastic panel on the front would restrict the airflow.

    My current favorite is the Lian Li / Lancool Dragon Lord series that comes in a variety of configurations and prices:


    Need more bling? No problem! Here ya go:


    Last time I checked mwave.com had the lowest prices in the USA:

  2. Thanks Johnny. Read more about the case after posting, and it doesn't seem like it would have enough fans/air flow. :( And kinda moot anyway if the video card won't fit in it. Too bad, really like the way it looks. I will see if MagicMicro carries those kinda of cases or not.

    Appreciate the advice, looking for others to chime in too please
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