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While using my computer my computer will randomly freeze. When I reboot it the graphics card fan will spin at 100% until I turn off the power supply. Holding the power button and reset button seems to do nothing when in this state and the back of the graphics card has 3 red lights that are constantly on. My computer sound like a jet engine and will not even hit the BIOS menu. What are some possible problems for this happening?

So far the only way I've gotten to fix this is to open my computer up and unplug and replug some power cables, but I obviously don't want to do that every time this happens (about every other day).
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  1. When my 4870 died it would run the fan at 100% and have no video when I would start the computer, so my guess is a bad GPU. If you can find another graphics card to swap with you can test this.

    Oh yeah, make sure you reset the CMOS too, ya never know!
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