How to display the list of all the program shortcuts i created on my computer?

how to display all the keyboard shortcuts used on my computer? The question is referring to the fact I have noticed, when your programs yser-created shortcuts double, no one of them runs the program assigned.
Thus, how can access the list of them (shortcuts) to find and exclude the duplicates?
A very simple question...
Thank you.
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  1. Look in the same place you set them up in. You can't display all the keyboard shortcuts that programs use in one place, each one is different and they don't register what they are in a central place. You can look at the ones you configured though.

    If you want to use your own macros with the keyboard, I suggest a 3 key combination. Ctr-ALt-T or something similar.
  2. Thank you Hang The.

    Correct, that's how I've don e that (3 keys combination only) - nowonly I have a shortcuts registry I created in my Outlook Notes folder. However , the shortcuts, assigned BEFORE I devised the Shortcuts' Registry, are partially "uncontrolled" now - my memory is not unlimited, apparently.
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