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I want to buy another 3 gigs of ram, i have 3 1gb transcend ddr3 1333, i can either get another 3 of transcend, or 3 of the TEAM DDR3 1600,I have a a i7 920 in a Pegatron ipmtb-gs (i still cant find a website to get drivers & bios).
My question is will the team memory work in it, seen as the the motherboard does not support any overclocking :( and only supports 1333 ram.

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  1. Get the same ram if possible. Your system will run smoother. Mixing ram is like rolling the dice. You never know what will happen. Could run fine or give you bluescreens.
  2. You should only go above 4 GB if you are running a 64bit OS. A 32 bit OS will only address up to about 3.3 GB.
  3. I would not get the TEAM DDR3 1600 if you know your motherboard only supports 1333mhz RAM. If you have 6 slots of memory, each being the same speed/brand/model you're going to have a the most efficient set up (like o1die said).

    My vote is for the transcend DDR3 1333 RAM because it's the right speed, and you have three sticks that work now. :)
  4. ok thanks o1die and computerguyman, but i checked stock for the transcend and nothing so far, so i have decided to get 6GB (3*2GB) Corsair DDR3 RAM (optimised for Core i7).thanks howardp6 its windows 7 64 bit OS
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