Which LGA 775 quad core to buy?

as far a price/performance goes, what would you all recommend as a purchase for a quad core CPU for the socket LGA 775?

(all I am going to do is upgrade the CPU and grab another gtx 260 - with the money someone might otherwise spend on upgrading to lga 1366 or 1156 - because core i5 and i7 aren't utilized enough in gaming to make a difference especially with the higher resolutions I'll be using - 1920x1200) - I'm pretty sure the higher the resolution the less the speed of the CPU matters - GPU power is mainly needed at that point... right?

anyhow back on topic, should I grab the $120 q8200? $150 Q8300? $190 Q9400?

I am trying to save money and get all that is minimally necessary to run 8gigs 800mhz RAM and 2 gtx 260's on a 780i mobo without bottlenecking. (I will overclock for sure so if any knowledge on the cheapest/best for overclocking to solve bottlenecking include that in your response as well if yuo would! :wahoo:

thanks for the help in advance folks!
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  1. also my motherboard is a evga 780i and the q8200 is an OEM (is that worse for OC'ing?) thanks again in advance!
  2. If you can't get a q9550 for around $200 (microcenter might have one if you live near there) then go for the q9400. The extra L2 helps a good bit. Just make sure you oc it like you said. You shouldn't have any bottlenecking problems when you get past 3ghz with sli 260s.
  3. will a E6750 @ 3.4ghz on the evga 780i and 8 gigs 800mhz RAM bottleneck 2 GTX 260's?

    (just noticed none of those quad CPUs have Virtual technology support - not really what I want - might wait to find a deal on the q9550 so ignore all of the above)
  4. Oem means it isn't retail. Meaning you'll get the cpu all by its lonesome. Performance will be the same.
  5. omg thanks bro - searched my local (30 min drive) microcenter - $180 q9550 omg... wow screw newegg... ($260). but does anyone know the answer to the above question still? thanks!

    - Microcenter also has the core i7 in MN for $200 - great deals folks not gonna lie
  6. It might depend on the game. Is that your current setup? Do you get much of an fps drop when you go down to 3.2? If so then you might be bottlenecked. Another way to tell is if you lower you resolution/graphics and your fps doesn't go up.

    Some games that are quad optimized and ask for a little more cpu might see some hurt but that isn't a bad setup by no means.

    If I was you i'd probably upgrade to a q9xx0 and oc the sht out of it, but you might be able to hold off with the dual core. See if you can squeeze a little more out of it. Another way to tell if there is bottlenecking is if your frames go up when you oc.
  7. Nice and gratz! Have fun!

    Yeah microcenter is amazing. :)
  8. I do notice that my frames are similar between 1280x720 and 1920x1200 (38 frames 720p avg and 36 at the 1200p)

    this is with 1 gtx 260 on far cry - also if I were able to sell my setup and upgrade to
    LGA 1366 would it even be worth it? - or should I just grab a q9550? - because microcenter's low prices are getting me thinking about core i7 now hahahah!
  9. I know I keep changing topics etc but I think I'd go with a core i5 if I sell my current setup -

    rather than get the q9550 - it's about as fast as core i7 but cheaper (by far) right?

    Thanks for your awesome help guys - hope this is one of my last questions!
  10. A q9550 is more than enough for that gpu setup, in other words you wouldn't be able to tell a difference between a q9550 and i5 (even i7) in games until you get something an oced q9550 can't handle, which id guess would be somewhere around a 5970 or better.

    i5/i7 will offer you some future proofing though, up to you!

    I5 is almost as good for gaming but cheaper than i7, yes. I7 has ht / tripple channel memory / more pci-e lanes.
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