HIS 4890 HD 1gb freeze with vertical bars

I have a HIS 4890HD 1gb card, and for a few months ran with no issues playing COD4MW, COD5WAW BUT recently iv been getting some very odd crashes, it first happened while playing Cod5 and i thought nothing off it. No it happens allot more frequently. I have dual 24inch monitors and when the game crashes i get these vertical bars the are all perfectly equal like they are textures, sort of shaded like the same color but a darker shade on the edge of each bar like a 3d rendered bar hard to explain. I havnt seen it in a while as i have been playing aion and i play it maxed out and it runs fine so i thought was just a cod5 issue sadly when i play cod6 or modern warfare 2 it happens again :(, reading stuff on the net i think i might have a faulty card so first i nuked and installed windows 7 64bit and played for about 1hr then it happened again temps are all good so its not a heating issue unless my card don't like 65 degrees c as its peak temp, i stress tested with furmark did an hr long burn of the card got it to a 81 degrees C and nothing no freezing no lag no stuttering nothing. I did notice if i turn of "specular map" in MW2 the crashes become a rare thing but still has happened once or twice.

so i'm wondering is my card faulty or should i check other parts of my system ? im at work so my exact sys spec im not sure of i do know my psu is a 850w ill post more accurate details once i get home

ty in advance for any advice given.
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  1. Install the latest catalyst driver....v9.11 is available. Check the clock speeds....it should be 850Mhz for core and 975 Mhz for memory...I feel you might have overclocked your card... :sarcastic:
  2. System specs? Right away it sounds like a heat issue but since you're said your GPU peaks at 65C it won't be a GPU heat issue, maybe CPU or your videocard's VRAM. 65C at peak is hard to believe. Are you sing 100% fan to keep it so cool or is 65C the temp after you played and checked the temps?
  3. I'm having a similar problem with my 5850 , which worked great for 1 day. It might be a driver/windows conflict. I can get my system stable if I uninstall the ATI drivers and use the stock windows drivers.
  4. ty for the advice updated the drivers again, did a clean sweep so ill see how that goes, and my card is not o'clocked was thinking about it before this happened, and the cpu temp tops at 65C whilst playing MW2 fan speed is at 75% but my case has really nice air flow, it dose get to 75c in world at war tho but im not playing that ne more just mw2.

    The card is still under warranty but i bought it from a shop MILES away from my place so just want to make sure its the card before i take it back. Is there any chance it could be my PSU or MOBO screwing with the card or even causing damage to the card and thus causing the issue if so what would be a good step to check if my mobo or psu are rooted.

    thanks again.
  5. I doubt it's the card because as you've stated, it runs furmark for an hour at 81 C. I have a GTX 260 that gets to 88 C after 15 minutes of MW2. However, if I ncrease the fan speed to 75% prior to gaming, the card gets only as hot as 72 C.

    Of you play your games with the AA turned off and the glitches don't occur then you know it's the limits of your GPU. In other words, since your 4890 is basically an overclocked 4870 it's already performing at its peak and it's possible temperature spikes after an hour of gaming can cause the glitches. Are you running it at stock speed?

    Try this experiment. Underclock your videocard card by 10 percent. Play your games for an hour (you won't notice the speed decrease) and if there are no glitches or errors, vertical bars, you will have solved the answer to your problems.
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