Im looking to actually overclock ram

ive seen *overclocked* ram like 1866 in a motherboard that supports it but in the settings you change the voltage up and redo the timings but how do you actually overclock to go higher than rams rated for? I have read something about loosening timings?
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  1. In general it is not worth overclocking memory, for example a 20% increase in memory speed will only give a 1.2% increase in system performance. Is it worth a potentially unreliable computer to get such a small improvement in speed?
  2. Raising voltage and loosening the timings (for example, but not to be followed, 11-11-11-27 from 9-9-9-24 stock for 1600 RAM to get to 1866) is basically it. No need to OC RAM though. You will never see a real world benefit in it (if you have 1333 or 1600 RAM already). Purely for higher bench scores...
  3. i know, just would do it for fun on some old 1333 i have to see if how high i can get it, i currently have 1866 ram in my system
  4. In order to increase ram speed, you have to loosen the timings. In effect looser timings offset the benefit of faster speed, resulting in nice benchmarks, but no real increase in real app performance.

    If you just want to do it for fun, yes you can increase the voltage to the point where it damages the cpu.
    You can then have even more fun shopping for BOTH a new cpu and ram.
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