MOBO\cpu\BSOD\disk error\memory problem HELP!!!

hi im having a few problems im not sure if its either my ram causing the problem or my motherboard.

I have recently purchased a new system

AMD Athlon II X3 435 2.9GHz

Well then i went to the store to buy ram and i bought a 2gb stick of OCZ3G1333LV2G which is
pc3 1066/ddr3 1333 but at first everything worked out fine windows installed correctly and everything but then the next day i started having blue screens of death such as irql not less or equal so i returned the ram back to the store and got an exchange for a new one (of the same ram).

But when i placed the ram in my computer i couldnt get it to post to windows after it showed the windows loading screen it popped up a BSOD so then i was thinking maybe its my harddrive so i grabbed a 4gb flash drive and threw it in my computer and installed windows xp on it the farthest ive gotten is when after it reformated and copyies windows files then it has to restart to start the real installing so i hit enter to restart and then when it trys to boot of flash drive it says disk error cannot boot of hard drive ive even tried a different hardrive that i know works and it say that.

So now im thinking maybe motherboard but it may still be the ram issue the reason i say motherboard when i first got i booted it up in bios but recently when i placed my new ram i got from after i returned it i have these 5-10 (depends what screen im on in bios) white dots that run across the middle of my screen its very odd and i dont understand it i have flashed my bios to the latest version also please any help would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance
also could it be my cpu i doubt it could be the cpu but i just wanted to throw it up there it could be anything

p.s. if you think i left any thing out please let me know thanks
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  1. yes but but thats not my ram my ram is just a single 2gb stick and your not supposed to run it at 1.7v you run it at 1.65v

    this is my ram for some reason i couldnt find it on ocz's website
  2. If you go to the specifications on that link I listed theres more modules,

    But anyways, you said the ram timings ARE correct?
  3. yes
  4. Have you looked at the d-bug led for any codes?
    You can also try mem test 86+ it runs from a disc and will confirm the integrity of your memory.
  5. no there have been no codes i cant get bios to post anymore i was messing with it more (just seeing if let me install windows 7 i was trying xp before)and for some reason now it doesnt even post im still leaning on the ram is broken but idk like i said i wasnt having this problem with my other ram before i returned it for a new one.
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