Added SSD, now PC won't boot

I just bought a new Corsair Force 3 SSD as my existing one is getting pretty full. I plugged the drive in and switched on my pc but I am unable to get past the BIOS startup screen.

I just unplugged the drive and rebooted and everything started up fine. Any clues as to what could be going on?

Just to clarify, I have a SSD already with Windows 7 installed on it, this is not being used for the operating system.
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  1. Make sure that the SSD with Windows 7 on it is set up as the 1st boot device in your BIOS settings.
  2. Hit F8 after POSTing to bring up the boot menu, and select the drive with win7 on it. This is just a quick fix though, you definitely want to also make sure boot device priority has your win7 SSD before your new SSD.
  3. I can't actually get into the BIOS to verify boot order. The screen says 'entering setup' but it freezes before it gets there.

    Incidentally, a couple of small spots and lines appear on the startup screen too - these aren't present when the new SSD is unplugged.
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