Need some help with what to upgrade for gaming

hi, i am thinking of upgrading my pc because it struggles with all the new games coming out i dont think i really need to splash out on a full new one but am not sure what the best thing to upgrade would be.
At the moment i have got 2 GB of RAM and have 4 slots so can easly upgrade it to 3 or 4. i have a dual core AMD 64 i think a geForce 8800 the 320 meg one and am using windows 7.
Can anyone advise me on the best things to upgrade please :hello:
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  1. Definitely get extra 2 GB of RAM.
    A better video card would be good.

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  2. Ah ok thanks for the help
  3. At what resolution/settings do u game on for the most part?
  4. well my monitor can go up to 1600 900 i think so about that is it worth getting a quad core? or just upgrade graphics and RAM?
  5. if you dont wanna jump the quad wagon yet a triple core would be a good compromise
  6. Well im not sure if i need to upgrade the processor i might aswell go quad core but depends if i really need to i have got ~£200 to spend i was thinking:


    what do you rekon?
  7. If that's your budget, upgrading the RAM and video card are probably your best options, and you've picked some pretty good choices there.

    I'm not sure what motherboard you have ... but in all likelihood, when you eventually upgrade your CPU, you'll want to do both that and the motherboard at the same time and go either quad core or i5/i7. The 5770 will still be good enough to put in a new system when the time comes.
  8. Your current machine is the same as mine, except I'm still on WinXP. Win7 needs more RAM. Don't upgrade your video card until you increase the RAM -- that alone is probably all you need. I wouldn't upgrade the card until I upgrade everything, because your old processor will hold it back. The 8800GT is still a good card for moderate resolutions in most games. Also, the 5770 and other choices will be cheaper if you wait a couple of months. There is a shortage right now, so resellers are marking them up.
  9. One thing to be careful about: If you do add more RAM, you'll probably want to make sure the voltage on the new sticks is the same as the voltage on your current RAM if you're planning on using all four sticks together. Most motherboards I've seen only let you set voltage across the whole system, so if you have one pair of RAM designed for, say, 1.8V and another designed for 2.0V ... there could be problems.

    I noticed the set you've picked out is 2.1V, but the "standard issue" voltage for DDR2 is 1.8V. So unless your existing RAM can handle 2.1V, I'd either order a different set, or not use the old set going forward.

    Also, if you fill all four slots, often times each stick will require an extra 0.05V-0.1V to be stable. So if you have one set that ends up WAY over its recommended voltage (e.g. a 1.8V stick running at 2.2V), you could even start damaging components.

    Again, I am not sure what your existing RAM is, so you may not need to worry about any of this. But just something to be aware of before you order.
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