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I can't get my two new sticks of ram to work on my motherboard. I have a p5pl2. I had one stick of 512mb ram then i just bought two sticks of 1gb of ram. When i put both sticks inside they don't work but when i put one stick of ram inside they do work. How do i make it that both of them work?
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  1. What modules did you buy? It would be useful to know the specs, i.e., voltage and timings. Once you know the specs, install one module, set the voltage and timings, shutdown the system and install the second module.
  2. I bought the (2X1024) OCZ PC2 4200 platinum Edition Rev 2 ltd. Timing is 3-2-2-8 and is 2.0 volts. Now the thing is that i dont know how to set the voltage and the timings. I'm sorry, i'm kind of new to this.
  3. Under Advanced, set Configure DRAM Timing by SPD to [Disabled]. Then you'll hopefully have access to all settings.
  4. Okay I disabled the Dram Timing to disabled. I have access to all the settings but I don't know what to do with it. It states
    DRAM CAS# Latency [5 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS# Prechage [4 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS#to CAS# Delay [4 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS# Activate to Precha [15 Clocks]
    DRAM Write Recovery Time [4 Clocks]

    How does this relate to my volts and timing? I can see that it is somehow related just not sure how. Thanks a lot.
  5. If two modules don't run at 5-4-4-15 (the Write Recovery Time can be left alone), then they might not be compatible with your motherboard.

    What is the current DRAM frequency? Is it set to 533MHz (267MHz clock)? Use CPU-Z to get that info if you can't determine what it is in the BIOS. There should also be a DRAM voltage adjustment somewhere in the BIOS. The default is 1.8V; you need to increase it to at least 2.0V.

    In theory you should be able to run them at 533Mhz (267MHz clock), 2.0V and 3-2-2-8 timings if they are compatible (which I presume you checked before buying them).
  6. Do all these:
    DRAM CAS# Latency [5 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS# Prechage [4 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS#to CAS# Delay [4 Clocks]
    DRAM RAS# Activate to Precha [15 Clocks]
    DRAM Write Recovery Time [4 Clocks]
    Represent timing?

    Also, should I match them to the RAM i have installed?

    The DRAM frequency is set to 533 MHz.

    If I am able to run one of them, wouldn't I be able to run both of them?
  7. The timing is 5-4-4-15. If 2 modules won't run properly at 5-4-4-15 timings, then they sure won't work at lower timings. What's the RAM voltage? Increase it to 2.0V and then make sure that both modules work before lowering the timings. Then run memtest86 to make sure that there are no memory errors.

    Running 2 modules is more difficult than only one and 4 is even more difficult. It would be easier to use modules that are certified to work with that motherboard.

    I presume that you bought that OCZ kit because it was inexpensive?
  8. Okay, I increased Ram Voltage to 2.0V but it seems like it doesn't work once I put 2 in. I can go into the BIOs screen but after that, it just black screens.

    When I talked to a Fry's Electronics salesperson, he said that all that matter is it matched DDR2 and if the motherboard supported the frequency and the amount of RAM. Is there more to this? So I just bought it because I thought it work.
  9. You bought a kit for overclockers that might prove difficult to get working with some motherboards. I would return it and order a kit that's officially supported. Just google for "asus p5pl2 memory" and you'll find several. The only 1GB module on the QVL is Kingston's KVR533D2N4/1G.
  10. Ahh I see. Does OCZ stand for overclocking? Is it a brand specialized for Overclocking? Thanks a lot, I found the memory compatibility on the official asus site.
  11. OCZ is a brand name. Based on the specs, that kit was designed for overclockers, but OCZ are not more specialized in overclocking than other manufacturers. http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memory/ocz_ddr2_pc2_4200_platinum_enhanced_bandwidth_ltd-revision_2_dual_channel-eol They probably are good modules when used in a compatible motherboard. If you have time, you can keep on trying various settings to get them working. I have an OCZ PC2-6400 Platinum kit in a system and I'm very happy with them, but my kit runs at 1.8V, not 2.0V or more.
  12. So we should just look on the QVL for compatible memory? Is there anything to off of if it's not on the QVL?
  13. Any RAM having similar characteristics to modules on the QVL should work. If you google "P5PL2 memory", you'll find several modules that are certified to work with your motherboard. You should read FAQ http://support.asus.com/faq/asus-faq.aspx?SLanguage=en-us&no=3B7177EB-B204-5144-080B-224439DAAD1B before ordering. You need to understand that 4 x 512MB modules or 2 x 1GB modules can be installed for a maximum of 2GB.
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