Xfx ati 5770 help

i just installed my new videocard and drivers i dont know if this is nothing to worryabout theres lines on my lcd moniter when i boot up if goes away is this normal ? mybe its my lcd its not hd
im trying to expalne it the best way i can
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  1. its like chopy lines
  2. gets chopy lines as it loads windows
  3. Could be the video card, could be the cable attached to the video card, or could be the LCD itself. A simple way to rule out the video card is to attach an HDTV via the HDMI connector. If it works fine on the TV, then it's probably not the card. If you are connecting your monitor via the DVI ports, then try the other DVI port. Also, make sure it is not the DVI cable that is faulty. To rule out your monitor, you can try it on another computer.
  4. no its not the dvi cable i had that running on a 9600gt aphla dog edtion and it was perfect guess ill have to wait to try it on a hd tv i dont have one lol
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